About us
British PDA group full name Perfect Design Aspirer International Company, which was founded in 1979, headquartered in London, is the international authority of the industrialized customized engineering company, and set up production bases in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, integrating a number of international brands, covering the field of steel curtain wall, steel fireproof partition, steel fire door, steel window system and high-end office decorative wall etc..

The group has an international professional design and production team, and participate in a large number of international projects, such as: Exhibition Centre Hanover, GoBa-Zentrum, IHK Augsburg, KPMB Architects, Denton Corker Marshall, China Embassy in France.


In 2012, PDA group in China cooperate with China-medal space company, and vigorously promote the expansion of its market in the entire Asia Pacific region, expand brand influence. In the future, PDA group will be adhering to the social, natural and harmonious development of resources, the purpose of unremitting efforts, with wisdom, skills and good faith to create industry products, return the vast number of customers.


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