Union International was founded in the year 2013, it is an organization of 25 professional furniture sales companies from all over China. Since from the very beginning of foundation, Union International have set up the clear purpose which is to promote and sell,based on Chinese market, well designed products from famous European designers, so that to bring people a happier life with the embrace of internationalization standard design into millions of households. 





Union International have sound sales channels all over China, 25 experienced sales teams and a sophisticated after sales service team. In the future 2 years, Union International aim to develop from 25 companies members to 35, and will continuously expand our team members and service scale. Meanwhile, we will also focus on developing a network platform, with the combination of online sales and experienced offline resources, we will present a comprehensive B2C purchase mode to our users, this we do believe will bring our end customers a more reliable and convenient shopping experiences.  





In the past two years, Union International have already successfully brought several European brands into Chinese market including the Dutch brand Gispen, and already got high reputation among famous Chinese enterprises,like Lenovo, Baidu, to name just a little. In the future, Union International will continue the work to protect each designer by applying patient and copyright in China, based on the sales principle which is and will always be respecting, worshiping and promoting & extending original designs. 







Union International also play an active role among Chinese architecture and interior associations and media.In the year 2014, Scandinavia furniture research center was founded under the cooperation of Union International UED magazine, ID+C and CIID on CBC platform. We believe in the future, Chinese furniture market will be a market that meanly led by well design and technology innovation, and Union International will be the best platform for great European brands and designers to know China and so to get into China! 





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